Sabrina started her career as a teacher of Food and Nutrition, where she used this time to developed her industry knowledge of nutrition and dietary needs. In 2018 Sabrina took a leap of faith and gave up teaching in the classroom to focus on running her business full-time. When asked why she wanted to start Talented Kitchen, Sabrina will always state that “food brings everyone together and I believe that Talented Kitchen, with its many talents and community outreaches, will do its best to ‘build our community’ one, dish at a time”.

​As well as being a full time Chef, Sabrina runs a course for young parents to teach them new skills such as: budgeting, cooking, nutritional guidance and meal planning. She also runs ‘Kiddie Cooking’ sessions and ‘Nutrition’ workshops.

Sabrina also offers a Basic Catering course, which is designed to help and give young people a recognised qualification and get them into work.